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ANTIOXIDANT NUMBER 1 - Aronia berries contain a large quantity of flavonoids (natural compound found in fruit) in its composition, which gives it the best antioxidant capacity among fruits and makes it the most powerful antioxidant known today, as measured by ORAC and TEAC standards. Everyone needs antioxidants every day, because they protect our skin and body from diseases and premature aging.

SUPER FRUIT - 100g of ripe aronia fruit contains 16,100 ORAC units while our daily dose required for protection of human tissue is from 3000 to 5000 ORAC units, which puts this fruit in the group of super fruit. In addition to increasing the level of antioxidants in human body, foods with a high number of ORAC units also slow down the aging, prevent cell damage, reduce the risk of heart diseases, arthritis and a number of degenerative diseases.

ARONIA IS RECOMMENDED AND USED BY EXPERTS - Due to its effectiveness in expelling heavy metals and radioactive substances from the body, Russian scientists used aronia after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 to mitigate the health problems of infected persons. Due to its incredible role in restoring muscles and body, and the strength it gives to our body, aroni was also used by the astronauts in their missions and training.


We guarantee the safety and quality of our products

ecologically grown super fruit from Croatian farm

professional supervision of the entire production process

aronia processing under strict environmental standards

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