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Dear visitors,

We are a small family business with a great vision - we are offering top quality products that are improving the quality of life while taking care of the environmental conservation at the same time.

That's why we have chosen to grow and process the super fruit of aronia, which is the best antioxidant today, in a completely natural way. We grow aronia exclusively in organic way - we prune it by hand, do not spray it with chemicals, do not fertilize it with harmful fertilizers, etc., and we have ECO certificate of the competent authority of the Croatian Forests (HR-EKO-05) to prove it. Not only does this kind of farming and fruit processing give the best quality products, but we are also contributing to the preservation of natural resources, water and soil, natural habitats of animals and many other factors of the environmental awareness.

Our 4,000 aronia seedlings ripen in the sun in a small town Suhaja located near Čazma. Biodiversity of untouched nature of our estate that is located right next to the large forest, has a significant impact on the quality of the maturation of the plant itself. Our mature aronia berries are juicy, and our aronia products are completely natural and delicious and reflect the maximum naturally destined potential of aronia plant that enriches and improves overall health.

Our products have a special ingredient - love and attention we put in them - in each berry that passes through our hands, in hard work and faith that all honest work pays off, and that customers will recognize such values. In addition, organic farming is not measured in tons and liters, but in higher values, and that is the preservation of natural resources of Mother Earth.

We do not want only to "sell" aronia, we want and try to provide more - to inform, make aware, advise and encourage everyone to have a healthier, more natural and better way of life, and take care of their health and environmental impact. We are present at food and organic farming fairs across Croatia and continuously invest in our knowledge, monitor the trends and norms that are required by organic farming and production.

We believe that only with discipline and continuous improvement of the knowledge and with implementation of innovative solutions we can be competitive in the market, while maintaining the quality and the primary reason for developing our homemade products.

We guarantee the safety and quality of our products

ecologically grown super fruit from Croatian farm

professional supervision of the entire production process

aronia processing under strict environmental standards

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